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White Lighter Myth

by Southpaw

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    The label debut full length from Muskegon, MI's SOUTHPAW. As seen on tour with Sleeping With Sirens, Set It Off, and The Gospel Youth. 'White Lighter Myth' was named a top album of the year in 2018 by multiple publications, and has seen the band soar to new heights.

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Hey man you probably wouldn’t know who i am Hey man I’ve said it more than just a few times See it just turned fall and I Bumped all the molly in the bathroom stall with a friend And we drove all this way ‘cause I Hoped to see you but i didn’t get to shake your hand Hey man Hey man
Abstract 03:18
Everything everything works out eventually All the money all the money in place of history A little ditty but he didn’t ever really wanna sing for free Say you don’t have to beg is it how the story ends? You didn’t have to blow those candles out but you did And now you make me wish that i was Dead inside I’m in a hurry Justified by wrongs so worthy You don’t like you don’t like my dark sense of humor I was kidding I was kidding let me say it for good measure Say you don’t have to beg is it how the story ends? You didn’t have to blow those candles out but you did And now your gonna wish that I was Dead inside Im in a hurry Justified by wrongs so worthy You thought you could see me later We could but your way too blurry And Im, I’m in a hurry We never talk but we can fly after we tremble
We started making progress again The waves calm me down before they crash into my head I’m not like guys that you fucked with I guess thats on me you don’t act like theres something to hide We all have a crawl space inside And I’ve tried to blame you for what’s still in mine Slip Are you right where you wanted to be Still finding pieces of me Every promise you want to believe Every ounce of my uncertainty I lay awake collecting my doubt Drifting through decisions like I can’t find my way out The crawling, the poison, addiction I can save us you’re the other half of a vision I’ll be right where you left me Try to take it from me Are we right where you wanted to be Still finding pieces of me Every promise that you want to believe Every ounce of my uncertainty Are you right where you wanted to be Pull me down
Lately 03:16
Lately I’d rather drop a line my feathers ruffle all the time I can’t go out and wash it all away things on my mind Hate me I’ll hit you when I’m back I always do when you're not low I can’t wait ’til we get out of this state and we get to flow Goodbye shut down the progress you're only what you accomplish I’m not my father not much of anyone I want to be a friend to my only son The worst me that I can be is so Convince me that I should never go I have brothers they're probably mad at me Won’t call my mother she’ll say she’s proud of me The best me that I can be is so Convincing that I could never know Often I just don’t have the time I don’t want to move the car I’ll wait all day she flies her own way and Its off my mind Goodbye shut down the progress Lately Lately Hate me I can’t wait till we get out of this state
Waiting outside while I should not bother Hung up the words and now they have caught her Things in a song cut deep when they’re ‘bout you I never painted a lie now i want to I’ll wait outside If you let me in I’m so God Damn tired and we’re worn too thin But I’ll follow you if you want me to Won’t feel a touch of the pain when it’s too much Only if you let it be It spoke to me in a dream So hold on close my friend it goes too fast it goes too fast And we both have our future I’m not tired it’s not that bad It feels like we’ve already been here. Go At the end of everyday don’t care who is listening One time just a couple words set me free Cuz nothing’s what it seems I saw you in a dream It feels like we’ve already been here It’s so wonderful at the same hand You're lost and you're found when it happens
Caved 03:44
You can count on every reason I won’t get to heaven Why do you still talk to someone that you don’t believe in Tables are turned over I’m at will call for alcohol Rub it in my self esteem like sunscreen Cuz I won’t leave out the obvious Of keeping you at bay When you call for help they try to make A believer out of you and I I know you caved under the pressure Information’s valued at no slow down Expenses radical Now all you do is work to keep afloat now You keep counting every reason I won’t get to heaven There’s no place that I’ll ever call home I’m a sideline to failure But if you’re happy then I can play along
Script Day 01:57
Show me the patterns in weather like therapy Give mother nature a better apology She’s asking who we belong to Wake up with questions and play with technology We’re done with stories that stem from astronomy Don’t tell me who to belong to This whole thing was promo typed Designed revelation for social manipulation Where have our minds gone They’ll take away all you kill for Until your holding a still born So keep asking questions that need attention We’re feeding all of them power We give up and they devour So keep asking questions that need attention This whole thing’s gonna break This whole thing should break.
Camouflage 03:19
There’s a room I’m standing next to you As we come up with constructive ideas To separate these loathing feelings of gloom It’s nothing new There it is you can say that you're fine But you're lost and gone At what point will they know that I’m gone Tell them the truth Get a job that you hate after you graduate Miss your friends have some kids they can grow up just like you It’s nothing new But there’s one thing in this time box and it makes me feel like I’m not In the room Is it you Ever-changing points of views A constant need for separation Just to feel some inspiration I never knew Till we got in the car and we drove for a day Through a bridge with some tears And a few more things to say Tell her the truth See why the fuck did I do this The whole night was just camouflage to Get you in my room and let you sing me one more tune And get this thing thats down inside my soul To have some time to breath some more
Monday 03:14
Let’s take this thing out for a ride The safety's on but we’re still loaded And dont think we’re sinking on this paper boat Cuz we’re still floating I didn’t want you to struggle Now everyday is subtle When I wake up so out of place Just know I put things in your way But there is light inside your eyes And it takes me back to another time You're my other side Getting overwhelmed again Keep me grounded I’m always searching Did it take too many nights to remember that we’re still learning? I’ve been sick as fuck staying up too late Letting off making words disappear While the rest of the world decides what double standard to stand on I still think that you’re my other side My other side another time Know I would die a thousand times And still see you You’re my other side
Tatted 03:04
You had a kind of fucked up family you can tell That mine was too perfect We were both getting way too used to wondering Destroyed but still worth it I’ve been walking in circles on edges Sending signals in all your directions I lost myself to the picture in the hall I can’t remember if you even left at all I’ll keep you here in the corner of a shelf I hope you're out there still looking for yourself We would go down the road and buy smokes Where they know I’m the one with I.D. And that’s how it always goes We hung around with the same few friends Everyone was getting way too close But we still have our window I must have opened my circles to enemies Keep my phone on just in case you need a ride


released February 9, 2018


all rights reserved



Southpaw Muskegon, Michigan

A 3 Piece Pop/Punk Rock Band
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