Away Like Sheep

by Southpaw

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"Away Like Sheep" is our sophomore release. We had a lot of fun making this EP and we hope you can get as much out of it as we did.


released May 26, 2016

All songs written by Southpaw members. Tracked and mastered by Southpaw and Aaron Eikenberry at Park Studio



all rights reserved


Southpaw Muskegon, Michigan

A 3 Piece Pop/Punk Rock Band
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Track Name: Sail (About Last Summer)
"Sail (About Last Summer)”

Where sail the weekend to?
What a ripped up point of view
You’re getting drunk off my IQ
Another trip that turns on you

We can talk in just a bit
I gotta find a new outfit
You called me late and faking sick
And found peace when i tripped on it

So what seems to hold you?
I told you to move on
I’ll be right where you left me
If i play my cards right
I’m sleeping all day
The windshield is frozen
Where ever it is that I’m going

So I’m an egg shell white as snow
I’m a bad seed, now they know
How to break and where i stand
I’m learning how to use my hands

So chose what to focus on
Every bad thing will go wrong
You’re locked up as a ride around
I want to black out singing songs

The windshield is frozen
On every car
Where I’m going
Track Name: On The Fence
“On The Fence”

You're running in one place
Never got that far away
And they take your heart while its on your sleeve
When it gets too deep
The apple is far from the tree
Easily convinced that your not a seed

I lost some friends while you tossed me around
Like a pocket of change spent the wrong way
So i climbed a fence that keeps out your ideas
'kus they follow me around
I see you in myself
Running streight for the hills

Everything will fall
People chase what they want down the halls
And the more you ignore your fate
The more you destroy the human race

We get the point
Your just a boy
Fill in the void

I lost some friends while you tossed me around
Like a pocket of change spent the wrong way
So i climbed a fence that keeps out your ideas
‘kus they follow me around
I see you in myself
Running straight for the hills
I can see for myself
We’re going streight down to hell

We get the point
You’re just a boy
Track Name: Buckets

There was nothing in order
Impractically normal
I was only trying to stay out of the water
She was holding the back of my hand
In a way i could not understand

Buckets of dreams are just
Rocks in the water
When you find out you might
Not see her smile
It’s been such a while
Since I’ve said that its OK
I was the one that
Forgot in the first place

Painful mistakes
That we take to our grave
When we burry on purpose
It comes back to surface
You’re talking like the wait is over
While the devil’s asleep on your shoulder

I was the one she was caught at the doorway
Track Name: Cannonball

We keep on taking a step back
We must have go on the wrong tack
I never minded a long way
And now we both have our own path
Oh by the way
I’m still amazed
At what it takes
At what we’ve made
From place to place
And face to face
One thing can change
I’m just a wast

Wow cannonball
I’m going under
You don’t plan to fall
You just lose your thunder
You swear up and down that we meant it
I become what made you upset and
We’ll keep this the way that we left it
How am i supposed to forget it?

A change of pace and perspective
And everyone is affected
So sick of all of the systems
I have to live with a distance
Dropped on the cue
So much to lose
We’re all amused
Its nothing new
Take what you want
So much has past
It’s not your fault
We’d never last

You can’t have what you want anymore
Keep swinging ‘till your face drops to the floor
Track Name: Set It Off
“Set It Off”

To the ones
That Never wrote me off
Could never cancle me out
Left me wondering how I’m gone
I’ve out wore those hammy downs
Another Holliday for thought
Just a package in the mail forgot
I didn’t mean to come around
I don’t want to see you drown
its like i bring people down

I said it often
You needed your space
I’ll pace around again
I’ll push on these strings
Pick up a few things
Then float around in my head
So stupid

You look at me
Like you’ve never seen my face
A father’s son - nature’s ghost
I’m deflowering every rose
I dont want to wear the shame
All we have is yesterday, I’m gone

I set it off and
I set it off and
I set it off and